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hey, thank you so much for making this. i'm an only child, but this helped me peek into the world of having a sibling in a way i've never experienced from any other piece of media. there really is something existential about working together with the person you're growing up with to co-habit a single digital body. luigi was the first video game character i ever got really attached to as a kid, so he holds a special place in my life too, if perhaps a different one. as a result, playing this was such an uncanny blend of my experiences/feelings/life and someone else's experiences/feelings/life. i'm glad i found this, it was actually by searching "luigi" on haha... i appreciate how short it was, it felt like a poem you direct with WASD. thank you for sharing this part of yourself and your life with the world.

hey thanks so much for the kind words! :)


Very neat. I'm scared easily and I was pretty afraid something would pop up by the end but thankfully the game is smarter than using cheap scares. It's eery but also capture a certain nostalgia about gaming late at night as a kid, which is not as conflicting as it sounds.

Great stuff.

Thanks for playing!

Great game, but is it supposed to just end after you find the mario portrait?


Thanks! Yeah, you made it to the end. Thanks for playing <3