EASIEST character creator!! Faster than any others!!!

Create a character by only answering Yes-No questions!

Made by Hao Liao and Joey Schutz

Music is "Cooper Ave" and "When the Ash Settles" by The Westerlies

Sound effects are "Let's Play with Free Sound Effects" https://taira-komori.jpn.org/freesounden.html

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
AuthorsJoey Schutz, HaoLiao
TagsCharacter Customization


Quick Character Creator - Windows.zip 81 MB


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I loved how even if the questions were simple yes or no questions it created a quirky complicated character in the end!


makes me incredibly sad, 10/10 will miss my cat mage


I miss him :(


Are you ready to say goodbye?

> Maybe never


v cool!

i made a magical furry who hates pizza, WHT HAVE I DONE??

i think i just made a furry..........



i'm in love with this anxious penguin


I can't explain the raw emotion this evokes. The random heavy questions amidst the silly ones asked just as plainly catch you off guard. The music is comfortable. The odd and limited choices you must make call attention to a lack of control you have as a player. This only enhances the gameplay. Definitely reccommend playing repeatedly at ungodly hours of the night/morning.

Creates truly unique characters.


I'm not ready to say goodbye.


It scares me


i created something looking like a ghast in minecraft..

with cat ears


Truly, the fastest and easiest character creator around. Look no further folks. 5/5 Characters




best game ever


Caught me off guard, love it!


Such a different... but lovely game! Congrats.


made me tear up. inexplicably!


ok, ummmmm I can only say ok I guess




thanks flan! :)


Haha, very nice -- just a heads up though, there's stuff that doesn't show up (at least on my screen/browser; Chrome) unless I click that arrow that's only partly shown at the bottom left to make the thing full screen. That line doesn't show up when I resize text in my browser, either.

(Everything does work right though once I clicked the arrow.) With more variety in options added, this could be a truly incredible experience that I feel a lot of people'd latch onto. :D


This is what I was talking about

thank you for letting us know! we updated the itch resolution so the fullscreen button is easier to spot. thanks for playing :)

Yup, works now. :)