1. Read this before playing, if you want:

2. Press the letters to the beat. Dashes are rests. Spacebar to restart.

NOTE: The letter pattern is all the numbers and letters, starting at the top, and going row by row, starting with the outside keys and moving gradually inward (so, first row is "1, 0, 2, 9, 3, 8, etc.", second row is "q, p, w, o, e, i" etc. No punctuation keys are used.

Inspired by this great puzzle game:

and this increpare game:

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AuthorJoey Schutz


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Oh my god this is great!!!!

As the (i think???) tempres world record holder, it is amazing to play a similar set-your-own tempo game! I have cleared it at around 225 BPM, but I wish i knew for sure! It would be so nice if the game told you the number it infers from your initial four taps.

It would also be nice if there wasn't a tiny little delay between the end of the taps and the first beat; if the first beat is randomly a 1 press, you essentially always miss if you stay on beat from the initial taps. 

wow that's amazingly fast! adding the inferred bpm is a good idea, and i honestly had no idea about the bug with the initial delay! if i have time over the holidays i'll try and fix those. 

and thanks for playing!! i recently played Game and absolutely adored it :)

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Coming for your record, maybe! Here's a clip from a little while ago of my fastest morning run: (for some reason the video always loads 21 seconds in for me, so I tried to force it to load at the beginning and it still doesn't work properly :))

This took about an hour of attempts. Such a fun game. Reacting to the rhythms it creates can be very tricky.

omg this is incredible!! thanks for posting, really fun to see someone play this at a "high level" haha :)


I am in love with this game. My best so far is J but i come back every hour for 3 more attempts. i cant overstate how good this is wowowow

hey thanks for the kind words! i believe in you for getting past J!! :)



omg amazing, congrats!! haha

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Love it, it's great setting my own pace. Knew it had to be good when I saw Tempres in the inspirations


thanks!! tempres is so good :)