It is said where the forgotten go, they gather in song. High away and through foggy mists — they can be found, after all. Come see.


WASD - Move

IJKL - Camera

Space - Jump

E - Talk to NPCs

B - Fade to memory (this will end the game)


This is heavily inspired by the marvelous Discone by pondlife, whose rough-hewn level design has been filling my brain with happiness for a while :) (also inspired by their flower mechanic!)

Ian's Graveyard Game (to which I owe the logic for google sheets integrations!)

The radical openness of sylvie games (probably especially Cactus Block on adventure)

The Island of Misfit Toys, which devastated me as a kid haha


All models from

Music is "Galaxy Gateway" form Super Mario Galaxy.

Note: I've no idea if the Mac build'll need an internet connection regardless!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorJoey Schutz


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The Land of Forgotten Souls - 26 MB
The Land of Forgotten Souls - 35 MB


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Is the game only available for 64 bit systems?

hmm that's probably true. does the web build work for you?


I fell off through the terrain into nowhere :(


So cool and inspiring in simplicity


this is what i love. Cute graphics, good story, solid gameplay, banging soundtrack. My game of the year


amazing idea with strange but impressive mechanics


I love this...little snatches of a recurring dream...


wow thanks! :))





lovely! wonderful moment of realization after I fell through the ground and then decided to try out the 'b' key. Music choice makes for a very nice atmosphere.

thanks Marek!! :)


Hope this project can go far, it's hard to understand the concept at first sight but, when you get it, this game is really nice 
thanks for the experience

thanks for playing and the kind words! :)


I like the music, reminds me of chrono cross. works on mac, btw (safari)

thanks for letting me know! :)


wow i


love how


when you


speak to


the egg